Release Date: Monday, May 14th, 2018

New Features

New features you can enjoy right now!

  • (Canada) Phase 1 released for new feature that will allow users to import The Conveyancer® Cost into CosmoLex using a standard file.  This will facilitate Canadian Firms to directly import file’s cost summary as Soft Cost Expense.


Minor Enhancements and fixes that make for a better every-day experience.

  • Journal Entry Classes: Accounting=>Journal Entry allocation now have the capability to associate multiple classes for a given allocation similar to Transactions and Bills

Customer Feature Request

We've been listening! New releases inspired by direct feedback from our customers.

  • Pre-Bill Report (Summary View): The Pre-bill Summary report has been updated to include Hold Value, Unbilled Value, Billed Value column to bring corresponding amounts related to the time entries

  • Pre-Bill Report (Detail View): Pre-Bill Detail report has been further enhanced to include the Timekeeper Activity Summary section for each matter. Professional Summary and Additional section now have the aggregation row to show time and amount totals

Data Import Enhancements

Enhancements made to our data import functionality

  • New Data Matching Settings: Data import now has its own dedicated settings which offer wider and clear choices for data matching capabilities. For example, Matter association of Task, Events, WIP, etc., can be referenced using an External Identifier number, Existing Index#, or Matter File# for maximum flexibility.

  • New Mapping Functionality for Balance and AR Import: Trust Balance and Accounts Receivable Import can now be precisely mapped to their corresponding matter by using either Matter File# or Matter Index#. Note that Mapping based on Client and Matter Name for these import is being removed and is no longer available.

Bug Fixes

Fixes to existing features

  • Last Login Time was showing in UTC in User Management Section, this has been fixed.

  • Pre-Bill Report date restriction has been removed and this report can now be generated for date range spanning more than a year

  • Accounts Payable Ref# field was not showing  for Canadian accounts with One Tax Jurisdiction. This has been fixed.

  • Re-invite New User Email was being sent to the account administrator. This has been fixed.

  • Fixed Fee Invoice not showing Change/Write-off. This has been fixed.

  • Email Detail Screen was displaying some minor alignment issues with some elements on the page. This has been fixed.

  • Minor fixes have been made in the Application top bar to make it more responsive