What is the Matter Billing Log?

The Matter Billing log shows all Fee Entries (Unbilled, Billed, Unbillable, and/or on Hold), Cost Entries, and Payments received for a Matter during a selected period of time. 


  • How to Access Report
  • Report Details

How to Access Report

  • Step 1: Start from the Matter Tab, and Double-click on the Matter for the matter details
  • Step 2: Select the Billing tab
  • Step 3: From the Time & Expenses tab, click Action
  • Step 4: Select the Matter Billing Log

Report Details

  • Step 1: Select PDF or Excel
  • Step 2: Select Report Parameters
  • Step 3: Click Generate

Important Notes

  • Selected dates are used to find entries during that date range
  • The Payments/Receipts section will include only payments applied to the invoice. This billing report is not meant to include trust transactions or amounts in operating retainers, etc.