What is the Invoice Change/Write-offs - Journal?

The Invoice Change/Write-offs Journal shows a breakdown of all changes and write-offs applied to invoices generated during a particular period of time.


  • How to Access Report
  • Report Details

How to Access Report

  • Step 1: Go to Reports
  • Step 2: Click on the Billing Section
  • Step 3: Click Invoice Change/Write-offs - Journal

Report Details

  • Step 1: Select report parameters
  • Step 2: To view/refresh report on screen, click View
  • Step 3: To download report, select your download Option, Excel or PDF, and click Download

Important Notes:

  • Selection dates are used to find Write-offs issued in that date range so firm can confirm amount in write-offs applied during a given time period.
  • Write-off total may not match with Invoice Journal Write-offs unless the 'All Dates' options are chosen.
  • The 'Other' Column: Includes Late Fees and Finance Charges
  • The Soft Cost column: Includes soft cost expenses and overhead charges