Release Date: Saturday, April 21st, 2018

We are very excited about this new release! A lot of hard work went into major internal infrastructure changes, as well as customer-facing features. Many of these changes will act as a solid base for some very cool upcoming features. Take a look at what's new:

New Features

Big new features you can enjoy right now!

  • Invoice Change/Write-off: Comprehensive and advanced support for applying proper invoice write-offs. Multiple write-offs can be applied on a given invoice for maximum flexibility

  • New Invoice Reports -  Invoice Journal and Invoice Write Off Journal to give granular details on invoices history and charges

  • New Billing Report - Matter Billing Log Report which can be printed from the matter detail section to get up-to-date information regarding work in progress, billing and payments received

Enhancements And Fixes

Minor enhancements and fixes that make for a better every-day experience.

  • Update to reports: Various billing reports have been updated to include Invoice Write Off changes.

  • Easier Setup for Canadian Firms: Canadian Firms can apply regional settings during the initial Setup wizard. This simplifies Canadian account setup process. In the first step when Canada is selected as the country, the user is required to select their province, in order to apply the corresponding regional setting. This ensures proper account setting from the get going.

  • Dashboard: A maximize button has been added to the Dashboard Views to bring more real estate when required

  • All highlighted elements in the application will now have a noticeable light blue border. This also improves screen element identification during Tabbing.

  • See what is behind any Popup screen: All Popups are now 'draggable', very helpful in cases when you want to refer to any numbers or notes on the main screen.

  • Minor visual change: Journal Entry ‘Adjusting’ entry icon has been updated to reflect appropriate visuals

  • Calendar Details: Activity -> Calendar -> Detail View, now references the Client Matter information for easier understanding.

  • Minor fix for Canadian Firms: When Canadian region is turned ON, Tax ID format is no longer enforced as US format.

Customer Feature Request

New releases from direct feedback from our customers. 

  • Time Tracker Enhancements: Global Time Recording Screen now accommodates the E-Billing Activities and Task codes for E-Billing enabled matters. Also selecting the task here will bring in the corresponding default description as used in Time card screen.

  • Minor Enhancement for when creating transactions and bills: Save and New will preserve the last entered date

  • Easy Shortcut to Advanced Search: From any screen where Advanced Search is available, using Ctrl+F will open the search bar and cursor will be focused on the default search field. This reduces the number of clicks and improves usability.

  • Taxable Discount on an Invoice: The discount taxable flag is now shown on the Add/Edit invoice screen, allowing the user to have greater control over the effect of a discount on the invoice amount calculation.

Import Enhancements

Enhancements made to our data import functionality

  • Match Matters to Existing Clients: Now there is an option to import and match Matters against the existing clients in the system. This allows more flexibility in the overall import workflow

  • Easier ways to Match Matters to Clients: Easily match Matters with the Client Identifier rather than Client Name. This makes the import process more precise by using the identifier and easier to manage. No more matching apostrophe and commas!

Bug Fixes

Fixes to existing features

  • Document Management with new Google Chrome Release: Download and Uploads are now compatible with Google chrome latest security release 66

  • Minor Fix with Locked/Unlocked User Accounts: Unlocked user accounts continued to show lock icon after having been in a locked state. This is fixed now.

  • LawPay Credit Card Issue with foreign addresses: This has been resolved

  • Download report on iPad not working: This is fixed!

  • Last login time was 4 hrs behind in User Management Section. This has been fixed.

  • LawPay Application Session Time-Out: LawPay account Application form now shares the extended session with the application and user will not get logged out in the defined time frame.

Core Infrastructure Changes

  • Complete Internal Re-design and Improvement of Accrual Accounting: Accrual accounting is completely redesigned and re-architected in the application to provide greater flexibility, control, and scalability. This will bring a high level of sophistication and fine-grained business intelligence capabilities planned for future releases.

  • Internal Infrastructure Changes to Invoice Printing and Emailing: Invoice printing and emailing have been moved to the JOB infrastructure to bring resilience and elasticity to the overall CosmoLex platform. This is also a step towards bringing in features like scheduled and automated invoice and report generation. We will be building a lot more on this infrastructure in upcoming release