Release No: 5.3.5

Release Date: March 7th, 2018


  • Timer - Global Time Tracker

    • Added a description field

    • Ability to manually override time before posting, for Quick Entry

  • Activities -> Documents
    • Added matter searching capability 

Misc usability enhancements

  • Main navigation bar (on the left) expansion and collapse can now be disabled by clicking on the Pin icon on the bottom part of the Bar. For all touchscreen devices, the bar will be Pinned by default. Once Pinned, the application will remember your selection between different sessions.
  • A new variation for invoice templates have been added. This new table includes only the following items:
    • Date
    • Timekeeper Initials
    • Item Details
    • Hours
  • Activities -> Calendar
    • You can now select a date on the left-pane calendar and click 'Add' for an easier workflow