Need: In many legal cases, especially divorce and meditations, the firm is jointly representing two or more parties and parties agree to split the legal fee/cost in a pre-defined %. In such cases, a general work-flow is law firm tracks fee and cost on one matter (“Master”) and at the time of billing is provided an option to split recorded charge entries among multiple matters.

At this time, CosmoLex does not have support for full split billing. This is expected to be implemented by June 2018. In the meantime, you may want following information to be useful.

Ability to Show Multiple Client Addresses on One Invoice

If you wish to address same invoice to multiple parties, you can use “Linked Client” functionality. This function automatically populates up-to 3 client addresses while printing the invoice.

  • Make one-time change to your Invoice Format (Customer Support can assist)
    • Remove current invoice variable “#ClientInfo#

    • Place a new variable [#ClientInfo-Linked-Clients#] in a 3 column - 1 row table. Use Table properties to keep sufficient cell padding and margins.
  • In the Matter Detailed View, go to Relations Tab and specify up-to two other linked Clients. Simple add a relation of type “Client” and select other clients.
  • With this change, when you print an invoice for a matter which has other linked clients, those would be printed. You will still have to notify them on how payment is to be split among parties.

Current Split Billing Work-Around

  • Option-1: Use the functionally describe above to address your invoice to up-to 3 clients.
  • Option-2: Track your time and cost of separate matters and issue separate invoices. For example, if you are representing divorcing couple in a mediation, you will record two time entries or two cost entries as if these were two separate parties.