Release No: 5.3

Release Date: January 21, 2018


  • Ability to define and apply a well-formatted Contact/Client and Matter Numbering sequence based on System and User Defined Schemes. This will be useful for firms to keep the file numbers well organized.

  • Ability to Associate Classes on Matter, Matter Owner, Area Of Law and Timekeeper which can then be used to generate various reports (Reporting capability on classes will be coming in upcoming release)

  • Allocation classes in the transaction can now be specified as Percentage as well as the absolute amount for convenience. Application will convert one entry type to other and vice-versa

  • A new restriction is now available on the user which can be used to control a users ability to update existing events/tasks created or owned by other users. This will work on top of the event and the task permission to have granular control. This feature got asked by various clients and is now part of the application

Misc usability enhancements

  • Running a timer to record the time is now considered as session activity and will not log off the application even if it bypasses the inactivity timeout limit.

  • Matter can now be filtered using newly added Area Of Law in the Matter filter list

  • Items in the applied search bar now have ‘X’ next to each filter, clicking on it will remove the applied filter. This improves the overall usability and fewer clicks are required to remove a particular filter

  • Chart Of Account List in various place in application is now Typable which makes it easy to pick an account by typing in few characters like account number or type

  • ‘App’ section has been homed under Setup from Setup=> Firm Settings

  • ‘Save And New’ action on Time and Expense creation will now preserve the last created date

  • Matter List in various places can now also be searched by typing in the Matter File# for added convenience. For example, when changing the matter on the matter detail screen, you can either type in client/matter or matter file#

  • Book closing date rule is now also applied to invoice editing for firms with accrual accounting enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Calendar issue for ‘All Day’ event not showing in the Activity=>Calendar when created for more than 7 days has been fixed

  • Accounts Receivable import now support up to 20 raw columns to provide flexibility