To Create a Class for class-based accounting, Click Here

To Associate a Class to a Transaction:

  • Go to Accounting > Bank > Select a bank > Click Details

  • On the bank details page > Transactions section > Click Add > select payment


In the Add Transaction window:


  • Put in the date

  • Type in amount

  • Choose method of payment

  • Type in Payee

  • Put in a memo

  • Choose a chart of account

  • Click the  icon to split chart of account.

  • In the split accounts window, clickto add a class

  • In the Transaction Classes window, Click Add

  • Choose a class from the drop-down and put in a percentage amount for the class
  • The total percentage has to be equal to 100%
  • Once you have the classes set, click okay to close out of the window.

  • You will then be brought back to the split accounts window, where you will see a icon letting you know the class/s have been set.

  • When ready, click Ok.

  • In the add transaction window, you will notice the icon letting you know classes have been applied to the chart of account.

  • When ready, click Save and you will see the transaction added in the bank account.