• Go to Reports > Accounting > 1099 Payee Ledger

  • Choose Print As “Excel” > Click Download

  • An excel file will download containing 1099-MISC data.

  • Review excel data

Next, follow the instructions below. These are also available in the excel E-File Instructions tab.

  • Review your data carefully and ensure all RED shaded cells have correct values. Details about each field is provided in the tab "Field-Comments".
  • Login at CosmoLex.Efile1.com (if you are a new user to the e-file form you will need to create a new account). Note:  this service is independent of your CosmoLex account and new Login/Password is needed.
  • Click on "Filing Center". Pricing details are displayed in the right section.
  • In 1099-MISC section, click on Upload Data.
  • Follow onscreen prompts for data errors. It is recommended that corrections are made in CosmoLex and data gets re-exported.
  • Follow onscreen prompts for submissions and associated fee payments.

You will need to login/create an account at cosmolex.efile1.com to upload the excel file for e-filing the 1099-MISC.