Release No: 5.1

Release Date: December 25, 2017


  • CosmoLex now supports ability to e-file 1099 form. 1099 data can be exported by running 1099 Payee Ledger Report and selecting Excel as the download option. Once the file is downloaded, the same file can be imported back into to e-file 1099.

  • Similar/Identical soft cost items like photocopies, telephone charges can now be grouped as a single line of entry during invoice printing. To group soft cost items, its name and rate must be identical. There is a new flag in the invoice which when turned ON facilitates this behavior.

  • Bulk Invoice Generation Screen has been spruced up to provide the similar look and feel as other screens in the application. More search filters like unbilled balance, unpaid balance, custom field etc are now available to get to the precise dataset the user is looking for.

  • Global Track Time screen now allows the user to enter optional Task before starting the timer to clearly identify the purpose when multiple timers are in progress.

  • Activity=>Calendar predefined 4 days options has been changed to 5 days based on customer feedback

  • Around 7 minor and major issues are fixed