How to Import Periodic Cost Entries

If your firm wishes to add periodic soft-cost entries originating from a report from cost-recovery devices such as photocopier or fax related charges, you can consider our WIPs-Cost Import functions. Post billing, these imported soft cost items can be shown as individual line items or grouped as one single line item on the invoice.


  • Ensure that the corresponding Client-Matter records already exist in CosmoLex prior to importing data. 

  • Excel template to fill-in the Expense entries is located HERE

Filling-in the Excel file

  • Go to the Expense tab to fill-in your data.

  • Column name headers and Sheet name should Not be changed for the import to work successfully.

  • Carefully fill-in the Matter Identifier values for each row. This is the Matter ID# assigned by CosmoLex (Not Matter File # which is user assigned).

  • All fields except Card Date, Tax and Description ones are Required to be filled-in. If Card Date value is left blank, current date will be used for the import.

  • Billing Type value should be one of these: Billable, Unbillable and NoCharge

  • For any additional information such as max allowed characters, refer to the “1. Data Entry Instructions” sheet in the file.

  • NOTE - If your expense recovery is from Fax machine or Photocopiers/Printers, you might be able to work with your machine vendor and configure its output file format exactly in the Excel format required by CosmoLex.

Import Steps

  1. In the top menu, click the ‘+’ icon and go to Other > Import Data. This should open the first screen for Import.

  1. Select the first option and click “Continue”.

  1. Click “Choose File” to locate the file and then click “Upload”. Keep the “File has headers” checkbox as ticked.

  1. Tick the “Match Matter Identifier” checkbox so that the time cards are linked correctly to the existing corresponding matters in CosmoLex. 

  1. Verify at least 5-10 records to confirm that Client-Matter are correctly matched.

  2. Verify that the total counts shown in the lower left area match with the spreadsheet data counts.

  3. Confirm that the import has 0 errors listed in the top area.

  4. For any errors found, click “Remove All” and “Close”; make changes to the spreadsheet and upload the file again.

  5. If everything looks fine, click “Complete Import” and wait for the success message to appear.

Frequently Occurring Errors and Resolution

  • Referenced client matter does not exist

This indicates that the Matter Identifier entered is invalid and not matching with an existing client-matter in CosmoLex. .

  • Timekeeper name does not match

If the spreadsheet has a timekeeper value that’s not in CosmoLex; go to Setup > Timekeeper to create a new timekeeper.