In Cosmolex, you have all your invoice payment transactions entered. But when you start getting these transactions in the bank feed, you want to make sure they are matching up for reconciliation purposes. All you would need to do is create a deposit slip for those transactions and you will be able to match the transaction in the bank feed.

To do this:

  • Go to Accounting > Bank Tab > Select your Operating account > click Details

  • In the operating account, click deposit slips tab > click Add to create a new deposit slip

  • In the Add Deposit Slip window, where it says deposit date, put in the clear date as shown next to the transaction shown in the bank feed.
  • In the details area, choose either combine check/wire/ach payments, combine check payments only or combine credit card payments(batch)
  • Next, select your deposit transactions. Make sure the amount matches with the total transaction in the bank feed.

  • When ready, click Save.

  • Go back to the bank feed tab, and you will see the transaction is matched. You can go ahead and check off the transaction on the left, and click Add/confirm match.