After entering a bill for a business expense in the Accounts Payable tab (ex. office supplies), you want to be able to pay the bill for the business expense.

To do this:

  • Go to Accounting > Accounts Payable Tab > Select a bill you want to pay > clickicon

In the Pay Bills window:

Pay Info:

  • Date: Payment Date
  • Amount*: Put in amount
  • Type: Payment Type
  • Method: Payment Method
  • Pay To: Put in the payee name
  • Bank: Choose the bank you want the funds to come out of.
  • Memo: Put in a memo for the payment
  • Account: The chart of account will automatically be populated from the bill when it was created. You do have the option to split the accounts by clicking on theicon.

When ready, Click Save.

The bill will be moved from the unpaid area to the paid area as shown below:

You will also see the transaction shown under Accounting > Bank Tab > Operating Account > Transactions: