Release No: 4.9.8

Release Date: September 26, 2017


Canada Law Society Specific Compliance Docs

Program now has a dedicated report section which provides all law society compliance related reports at one place. Section is specific to a province and our goal is to make all compliance related documents available in one area.

Simplification of Entering Canada Disbursements & Associated Taxes

While entering disbursements, user can now specify taxes paid on the main screen instead of splitting under chart of accounts. This will dramatically simplify allocating tax portions of the disbursements which is then used for the purpose of computing input tax credits.     

Transaction Entry Separation Between Deposits and Payments

User gets to select Deposit or Payment type prior to launching Transaction Entry Screen. This simplifies data entry and minimizes potential errors.

Login Screen Dashboards

User now will get access to any important event or urgent news from the initial Login Screen page.


  • Each transaction screen now has “Method of Payment” to specify exact mode of payment for the transaction. This is a required field for Canadian Law Firm but optional for US based firms.
  • New firm preferences:
    • A setting to disable operating retainer. This is useful in the State/Jurisdiction which does not allow use of operating retainer. Pre-set as OFF for Canada law firms. US firms can set ON or OFF
    • Make Memo as required while entering client related transactions. Pre-set as ON for Canada law firms. US firms can set ON or OFF.
    • Show Paid Tax Inputs for the Business Transactions. User can split tax portions on the main screen or as part of the Chart of Account allocations. Pre-set as ON for Canada law firms. US firms can set ON or OFF.
  • Matter client information now can be changed from the Matter Summary Page. Client name is now clickable, which brings the clients edit screen right there.
  • Various new Invoice variables have been added to bring in tax related fields.
  • A new field called ‘Client Identification Number’ has been added to the Client screen.