Release No: 4.9.6

Release Date: August 30, 2017


Enhanced Support for Canada Provinces Specific GST Tracking

  • Specific chart of account settings to specify Firm Paid Tax Accounts.

  • Full support for CRA P-209R guidelines about entering disbursements incurred as agent vs incurred as non-agent, along with associated taxability and input tax credit issues.

  • Built-in support for recoverability of QST in Quebec vs non-recoverability of PST in British Columbia.

  • Newly added report to compute GST/PST Paid v/s Collected for the purpose of Input Tax Credits.

  • Built-in support for Canadian currency display as C$

Enhanced Support for Initial Data Migration into CosmoLex

  • CosmoLex’s data migration utility now supports importing Task and Events from legacy data.


  • ALL key application areas now have “Help Videos” available to get in-context visual support.

  • When entering hard cost from matter landing page, source bank now includes credit card accounts.

  • When editing hard cost, the user will now be able to see and edit the associated Expense card from the hard cost screen rather than going back and forth. Linked expense cards are now shown with their corresponding ID# for easy identification

  • Cosmetics enhancements in Invoice Screen. New toolbar items to Print and Email specific actions. Renamed ‘Add’ to ‘Create Invoice’ which is more explicit.

  • Notes are now by default sorted in Descending order.

  • User invitation email now have Law Firm name for proper identification


  • Fixed an issue with Money finder logic and now billable events will only be shown once they are completed. Similarly, billable Task will be shown only once it's completed.

  • Issue related to deleting Bills when the associated transaction(s) are voided has been fixed. Now we remove the transaction reference at the time of deleting the bill if it's a void transaction and allow the deletion of the bill.

  • Invite emails to add users to law firm’s account used to occasionally get a random “Invalid token” error. Now we are explicitly making link retention time up to 3 days. The link will be expired after 3 days and this will take away randomness and much easy to communicate with the users/prospects. Once the link is expired, the admin needs to resend the invite.

  • When applying Trust Payment to an Invoice using ACH-Wireout option, the Reference number is no longer required to be numeric.