Doing a mass import of contacts is a valuable tool inside your CosmoLex, either when you first bring your client info into the software or wish to update your contact data from information kept within a separate contact storage application. Fortunately, under either circumstance, you can upload all of this information in an instant using these following steps. 

First, acquire the Contact Data Upload spreadsheet. You can do so by clicking HERE.

Then, open the spreadsheet and begin filling out the information in the Contacts Data Tab. Choose the Contact Type from the drop-down menu, then begin filling in all of your information pertaining to that contact, such as their First and Last Name, phone numbers, mailing address, email address, etc.

Once you have entered all of the necessary info, save the information as you would with any other spreadsheet to an area on your computer that you can easily locate. 

From there, return to your CosmoLex software and locate thebutton at the top right of your screen. When you select the button, a series of options will open for you. Scroll down to the bottom one marked "Other" and left-click on your mouse to get the Import Data tool. Scroll your mouse over the Import Data tool and click again to open the Import screen. 

From here, the software will ask you to choose what type of data you are importing. Select Import Client Matter, Notes, Relation or Payee Data. Even if you are only uploading or updating contact data, this is the option to choose. Then hit the orange Continue button on the lower right side.

Now you will import the contact data file. Select Choose File, then locate the saved spreadsheet. Double-click on the spreadsheet so it appears in the Choose File field. Then, press the orange Upload button on the lower right side. The software will now starting importing the data. starting importing the data. 

When completed, the software will take you to the Import CosmoLex data screen. Please take note of the three highlighted areas along the top of the screen.

Errors - Items that need to be addressed and fixed prior to export.

Warnings - Issues that the import identifies and can correct for you.

Auto Fix - Those items which were already fixed by the system. 

You will see Error or Warning notifications next to the Contact name to indicate what issue the system is finding with this particular entry. 

To see the full list of Errors and Warnings by double-clicking on the arrows next to the contact name. While Errors will require some data entry on your part to resolve, the system can correct issues listed as Warnings by using the Auto-Fix tool described earlier. 

If there are Errors that cannot be fixed on this screen at this time, simply unclick the checkbox next to the client name to leave that particular person's information our of this import. 

Once you have corrected all Errors and Warnings, you can finalize the task by clicking on the Complete Import Data button on the upper right side of the screen. Once all data has been entered into the software, you will be given notification by the software by viewing this screen. Hit the Close button on the bottom right side.

The system will now take you back to the contact tab, where all of your imported contacts will appear.