Note:  For Canada, as Matters are set to be taxable, the system is set to automatically mark all soft costs as “taxable”.  You may change this on the expense card, if desired.

  • On the Matter Screen > Select Matter > Soft Cost > Enter information

How to Enter Bulk Expense Recovery Entries

For detailed instructions on capturing and importing bulk expense recovery items, click Here

How to Group Identical Soft Cost Items on Invoice
Most users prefer to show cost recovery items such as photocopies, telephone, etc as one single line item on the invoice as opposed to individual line items. For this effect, when generating the invoice, ensure flag “Group identical soft cost charges for Invoice Printing”. For any prior unpaid invoice, you can edit and turn this flag on. With this flag, soft cost items which have identical title, description, and rate will be combined when printing the invoice.

How to Enter Overhead (Expense Recovery)

Overhead is applied at the time the invoice is created.  For many attorneys, it is applied in lieu of soft costs.  Overhead is taxable.  Overhead % can be setup globally for all invoices the firm generates:

  • Setup > Firm Settings > Financial > Misc Settings > Overhead Charges > Save

If Matter is taxable, taxes will be added automatically; create invoice