We have bulk import tools and instructions listed in our migration guideFollowing those instructions is the most efficient way to import your matter balances so we encourage that you review that first.

We do understand that some firms are reviewing/correcting data as they go, or perhaps have only a handful of balances to enter, and would prefer to make manual entries. The instructions to do so are listed below.

Entering Billing Balances

  • Choose a cutoff date (ex: 5/31)
  • From old system pull an AR report telling you what was owed by each matter on that cutoff date. You will need to know for each balance, what portion is cost and what portion is fee so that when that invoice is eventually paid, the accounting entries are correct
  • Note that we suggest billing as many clients as possible at the time of migration. If you still have some WIP (Work in Progress) for fixed fee or non-monthly clients, those entries will need to be made manually (add time/expense)

The next steps must be followed for each matter that has a balance

  • Add a time card for the fee amount owed
    • Select matter
    • Click add time
    • Date: cut off date
    • Select timekeeper
    • Task: previous balance
    • Rate type: Flat
    • Rate/price: enter fee owed
    • Save
  • Add a soft cost for the cost amount owed
    • Select matter
    • Click soft cost
    • Date: cut off date
    • Select timekeeper
    • Expense: previous balance
    • Rate/price: enter cost owed
    • Save

Once you have entered all balances for all of your matters, you will generate dummy invoices in bulk

  • Go to the Activities section
  • Go to Billing > Click Invoices tab
  • Click "Create Invoice"
  • Invoice Date: Cutoff Date
  • Due Date: Cutoff Date
  • Include Matter Til: Cutoff Date
  • You should see a list on the right of all of the matters you entered balances for
  • Click Generate

You now have a list of dummy invoices for those matters. Go back to the Matter tab and you will see those balances are now in the unpaid column.

You have now successfully migrated your billing balances. You want to begin entering ALL billing and payment entries as of the date following your cutoff date, directly into CosmoLex.

Your next billing will also reflect any remaining unpaid balances.