Under both the Firm and individualized Me Dashboard, there is a section called Timekeeper Utilization. Here a person can see all the time entered into the software for a given time period regardless of entry type - Billable, Unbillable, and No Charge.

  • By hitting the Settings wheel on the right side of the Timekeeper Utilization area, you can change the time filter to see production for a specific time period.

  • To get more information about the actual time entries, click on the value listed next to the Timekeeper name if you want to view Billable, Unbillable or No Charge entries. A screen will open showing all the time entries listed under that category. From here, you can edit those time entries by clicking on the Action button.

  • There is also a Timekeeper Utilization area in the Me area of Dashboard that only shows productivity for that individual user.

However, it has all the same functionality as the Timekeeper Utilization found under the Firm Dashboard - view all time and expense entries by type and make edits to them as needed.