In the Firm Dashboard, there is an area on the upper right side called Balances. Here you see a bar graph showing cumulative totals of Unpaid and Unbilled Balances, as well as Operating and Trust Retainers. This is an interactive graph, so you can click on each of the four items to get more information or even update it. 

  • Whenever you scroll your cursor over each section of the graph, the cumulative amount is shown as a single figure.

Let's look at what information is provided by clicking on each section of the graph.

UNPAID BALANCE - Here you will see a list of all Unpaid Invoices. The Action button allows you to view the invoice in Document Viewer or see specific details about that invoice.

UNBILLED BALANCE - When clicking on this, you will see a screen with all Time and Expense cards that have not been invoiced. You can edit these entries from here using the Action button.

OPERATING RETAINER - When clicking on this, you will view Operating Retainer balances for each of your Matters.

TRUST RETAINER - As with Operating Retainer, you will view Trust Retainer balances for each of your Matters by clicking on the bar.