To Reprint Trust Check:

Note:  If the check is linked to an invoice payment (example: using trust retainer to pay an invoice), you would need to delete the operating deposit transaction which will automatically delete the trust retainer payment that was applied to the invoice. You will then need to reapply the trust retainer payment to the invoice. After this, you will be able to print the trust check transaction.

From Matter Details:

  • On the Matter Details page > Click Banking section > Under Transactions > locate the check > Click Edit

  • In the Trust Transaction window, check off "to be printed" and then click Save.

  • You will then see "to print" show under the reference# section

From Accounting:

  • Click Accounting in the side panel > Under Bank Tab > select the trust account > Click Details

  • Under the transactions tab, locate the check > click Edit

  • In the edit trust transaction window, check off the "to be printed " box.

  • After clicking save, you will see "To Print" as shown below: