On both the Firm and personalized Me Dashboard, there is a section called Money Finder. Listed here are items marked as "billable" by the CosmoLex user. These items can either be emails, tasks, notes or calendar events. For guidance on how to mark such items as billable, click HERE

Once added to the Money Finder list, you can apply time cards to those individual items. 

  • First, locate your billable item on the Money Finder list. Then click on the orange Action button located on the right side of it. When you click on the button, you will be given an option to make a time card entry for the item.

  • When you click on the Add Time button, a time card will open for that item. From here, complete it as any other time card and press Save when done.

  • The Money Finder can also be found on each individual user's "Me" tab under the Dashboard. As opposed to the Firm Dashboard where information across the entire firm is drawn from, the Me Dashboard only shows items for the individual user. Just like before, you would locate the item you'd like to create the time card for and click the Action button to start the process.