When logging into your CosmoLex software, you are likely taken to the Firm Dashboard screen where information about what is going on inside the entire firm is presented. On the upper left-hand side of the Firm Dashboard, you will find an area simply called "Snapshot." Listed here are seven different buttons that you can click on to generate income for your firm in various ways. Let's go over them. 

UNBILLED TIME AND EXPENSE CARDS - On the surface, you are given a total count of all time and expense cards - billable items that have been captured but not yet placed on an invoice. When you click on the button, a list of all of these unbilled items are presented. By clicking on the Actions arrow on the right, you can make edits to the unbilled item and save them.

UNPAID INVOICES - Like before, you are given a total account of all these items on the surface. When you click on the button, a list of all unpaid invoices are presented. The Actions arrow allows you to view the invoice or particular details about it.

OVERDUE INVOICES - This works the same as Unpaid Invoices, except that the invoices shown here are exclusively ones that are now past-due.

UNBILLED EMAIL - When you receive emails in the software, you can mark them as "billable" items. Those emails will then be part of this list - emails that can be invoiced but no time entry has been made. When you click on the button, not only will a list of all unbilled emails inside the firm but with the Actions arrow you can add a timecard to the email, thus removing it from unbilled status.

UNBILLED EVENT - Works the same as unbilled email, except in addition to creating a timecard for the event, you can also use the Action arrow to edit the item.

UNBILLED NOTES - Works the same as unbilled event.

UNBILLED TASKS - Works the same as unbilled event.