Follow these steps to apply payments to Third Party Bills generated during the course of a Matter. 

First, make sure that the bill you are attempting to pay is not on Hold status. Third Party Bills placed on Hold will not be available to place a payment upon. To remove the Hold status, click on the Third Party Bill, select the Edit function and uncheck the Hold box. 

Then, you must have funds available in the Matter's Trust Account in order to pay any unpaid bills. For instructions on how to add Trust Funds to a Matter, click HERE

On the left side of the screen, click on the box next to the Third Party Bill you wish to pay. From there, select the Pay button.

This will open up the Pay Bills screen. 

  • DATE - Date of the payment transaction. 
  • TYPE - Drop-down Menu to let you choose payment by Check or Wire/ACH Out. 
  • AMOUNT - Amount to be paid. You can apply a different amount than the full value of the bill by changing the figure here, or leave it if you intend on paying the full amount due. 
  • REF # - A reference number to the transaction. 
  • PAY TO - The person or entity that will receive the payment.
  • BANK - The Trust Account from which the funds will be drawn from. This will be the default Trust Account chosen at origination of the Matter. 
  • MEMO - Information that can be printed on the Check if that is the Type selected. 
  • MEMO2 - Information that is kept for your internal records. 

Once you have entered in all of your necessary information and you're ready to apply the payment, hit the Pay button.

Once the payment is applied, the Third Party Bill will move from Unpaid to Paid status.