In certain types of Matters, it is necessary to keep track of bills generated during proceedings in order to pay them after the case is done or to present records of same to a governing body. You can track these "Third Party" bills inside the Matter under the Banking tab. 

NOTE - This is not for tracking Reimbursable Expenses. For those type of expenses, you must enter them as a Hard Cost Expense. For instructions on how to do so, click HERE

First, go inside your Matter and find the Banking tab. From there, select 3rd Party Bills. Click Add to enter a Third Party Bill.


After you click Add, the Add New Bill screen will open for you to enter the information for that bill.

  • BILL DATE - This is the date the invoice was generated.
  • DUE DATE - This is when the invoice is due by. 
  • PAY TO - The Third Party needing to be paid. 
  • AMOUNT - The amount to be paid to satisfy the invoice.
  • REF # - A particular Account or Tracking Code to associate with the invoice.
  • MORE INFO - When you click on this, you can add the mailing address for the Third Party.
  • MEMO - Information that will be printed on the check if needed.
  • MEMO2 - Information that will be saved for your internal records.
  • CATEGORY - Info that will be shown on your Matter Cost Statement to categorize different invoice types.  
  • HOLD BILL PAYMENT - Clicking this box will keep a payment from being made on the bill until the box is unchecked and the hold removed.
  • TYPE - If this bill is a Lien Claim, the drop-down menu here will give you an option to mark it as such. Otherwise, select "Other."
  • ORIGINAL AMOUNT - If the amount due was negotiated down from a previous amount, put that previous amount here.
  • DATE OF SERVICE - When the Invoicing party provided the service that enabled the bill. 
  • MARK AS PAID BY OTHER / PAID BY - If the bill was previously paid by another party and you need to track that information, you can add it here.

Once you have entered all of the information needed in the Add New Bill screen, hit Save in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. 

It will now be saved to your list of Third Party Bills associated with that Matter.