In Cosmolex, routine fixed amount bills such as rent, lease payments, mortgage etc can be set as “recurrent bills”. Bills will be automatically prepared at the set frequency and you will be reminded to add those to your Accounts Payable.

To do this:

First, you would need to create a bill for the business expense.

  • Go to Accounting > Accounts Payable > Add

  • When entering a new bill, Where it says recurring, check off this option and choose an option in the drop-down of when you would like this bill to recur.

  • When ready click Save. Once saved, to view the recurring bill, click recurring bills option as shown below:

  • In the recurring bills window, you will see your recurring bills that have been set.
  • You can also enter the recurring bill within the recurring bills window, by clicking add as shown below, and an add new bill window will appear.

  • Once you click Save, the bill will appear in the recurring bills window.

  • You can edit or delete a recurring bill from this window as well as export a list of the recurring bills from Cosmolex to view and print out.

  • When the next billing date comes up for the recurring bill, you will see a pending notification at the top of accounts payable page. Click on this notification.

  • In the Pending Bills window, select the bill/s you want to show in the unpaid section and click Add.

You will see a message come up:

Click "Yes"

You will then see the bill/s added in the unpaid section:

Also, you can keep track of any recurring bills coming up, by viewing pending bills notification in the navigation menu as shown below:

Note: The pending bills notification will show recurring bills coming up for the next billing date that are due.