In various sections of your CosmoLex software, you might have noticed a button that is simply called "Export." Time/Expense, Invoices, Transactions, Tasks and Notes inside the Matter and on the Activities tab are just some of the places you will see this button. This is here to help you create a document listing all the information contained on that screen which can assist you with both internal and external reporting. 

For example, let's say you wanted to see all the pending Tasks assigned in your firm. You can find that information in the Task screen inside Activities but what if you wanted a print-out of that information? This is where Exporting can assist you. 

To Export the information you want:

  • Go to Activities > click Task > Click the Export button as shown below

 This will open up the Export Grid screen:

Follow these steps to create your Export document:

  • Export Current Page: Choose if you want to Export just the information contained on the current page.
  • Custom Export: If you want to Export all the information from all or certain pages
  • Apply Current Filters: If you used the Search Where feature to find particular information stored under the Tab,to replicate your findings on your Export document. 
  • Export format: You can generate the report in PDF, Excel or CSV

When ready, Click Export.

A document will then be generated that you can either view on screen or print out.