You can attach properties to a document in order to make it easier to locate using the search function. You can use this function to locate documents either from within the individual Matter or search all documents from all cases from the document tab in Activities.

  • Some search terms can be added to a document by using the Properties function. In order to apply one of these search terms to an individual document, click on the document to highlight it in blue and then hit the Properties tab right above it.

  • At this time, the Properties screen will open and give you the chance to assign searchable values to the document.

The different types of searchable values that can be used are: 

  • ID - This is a number automatically assigned by order of addition to the software, 
  • Creation Date - Date when a document was created but a different date can be added if necessary. 
  • From - Whom sent the document to you or your office.
  • To - Whom the document was sent to from you or your office. 
  • Description - A general characterization of the document. 
  • Type - Apply a classification to the document, like Medical Report or Interrogatory. 
  • Document Number - A number assigned by you to keep track of your files. 
  • Label - As with other items in your CosmoLex software, you can assign a label to your document and use it as a search term. To learn more about labels, Click HERE

You can also search for the document by its Name.

  • After you have applied values to the Document Properties field, hit Save to finish. You will now be able to search for the document using these values.