Note: This is not allowed in all states but some let you have a few personal funds in trust to cover fees.

To do this:

  • Go to Matters > Click Add

In the Add Matter window:

Client*: Type in the Firm Name. If the firm name does not populate, click "Add Client".

Trust Bank: Choose a trust bank

Matter Name: Type in "Personal Buffer"

Matter Owner: Choose a matter owner.

  • When ready, click Save.

You will now see your Personal Buffer Matter added on the main matter page:

Next, you will need to enter a trust transaction of a deposit for the personal buffer

  • On the Matters Page > on the right-hand side, click "Trust Transaction Deposit"

In the Trust Deposit window:

Date: Put in the date of when the deposit was made

Amount: Type in the personal buffer amount

Type: Choose deposit or Wire/ACH-In

Method: Choose method of payment

Memo: Put in a memo for internal notes

  • When done, Click Save

You will then see the amount go into the trust account as shown here: