There are times when you need to void an operating transaction such as a bounced check for a business expense. In Cosmolex, you want to make sure you have a record of this voided transaction.

To do this:

  • Go to Accounting > Bank > select the Operating or Business Account > Details

  • Under Transactions tab > locate and click on the transaction that you want to void > Click Action > Void Transaction

In the Void Transaction window:

  • Choose the void date

  • Memo - shows the original date of when the transaction was entered, the amount, and the ref# for the check.

  • Memo 2 - Put in a memo of why the transaction is being voided. (ex. Bounced check)

When ready, click Save.

You will then see a message saying:

  • You will then see the transaction be moved from entered status to posted status as a void adjustment in