Auto Tagging

When you first set up your email (in firm preferences) There are two options regarding Auto Tagging that you can choose from. The selection of these are what govern the matter auto tagging:

  • Automatically tag emails to matter when clients primary email address match to/from address
  • Automatically tag emails to matter when clients other party email addresses match to/from Address

Manual Tagging

You will inevitably end up with "untagged" items which did not have a matching email, and therefore were not automatically tagged to a matter. To locate the untagged items, you will first see an icon at the top right of your screen, with a count of total untagged items.

  • You can then click on this icon, which will take you directly to your inbox You can also go to Activities > Email
  • Once there, on the left, you have a filter for Untagged items. click on this filter to see all the emails on the right which are NOT tagged to a matter.

  • To tag one of these items to a matter, check the select box, then in the window at the top, choose More > Tag Emails


  • You can then select the matter or type in the matter you would like to link to this email and click Save.

NOTE: This email will then display within this matter's details


  • Back in the Activities section, You will also have a filter called Multi-Match. They are marked with a 'M' label.These are untagged emails which matched with multiple matters and therefore have not been tagged. To view the matches associated with those emails, click on the 'M' label, and all possible matches will be listed for you to select from.

Untagging Emails

If you tagged an email to the wrong matter, it can easily be untagged or changed to the correct matter. To do so, under Activities, select the email and go to More > Change Matter and select the correct matter. If you want to untag from email completely, select "Untag email" (NOTE: Emails cannot be untagged from a matter if time was already recorded and/or billed).