Why Edit Invoices?

It is very common, during the billing process to want to make a change to an invoice before you deliver it to the client. After you create an invoice, you may want to add/edit time and expense cards, apply a discount, or make another necessary change. 

There may also be times that you may need to make a change in an invoice after having delivered the invoice, or received partial or full payment of the balance. This change could be the addition of a late fee, and adjustment to fee income or matter costs, an adjustment to a discount or completely writing off the invoice balance due to bad debt. 

The following are recommendations for how to best accomplish the needed changes. 


  • Editing an Unpaid Invoice
  • Editing a Partially Paid Invoice
  • Editing a Fully Paid Invoice

Editing an Unpaid Invoice

Tip: To read our article on applying discounts to a newly created invoiceclick here.

Editing a Partially Paid Invoice

When editing a partially paid invoice, the best practice would be to use the Change/Write-off Action. To learn more about this feature, click here.

Editing a Fully Paid Invoice

There may be extraordinary reasons that make it necessary to edit a paid invoice. To do this, the best practice would be to delete the invoice payment. This would un-finalize your invoice, and allow you to make necessary changes. You can make those changes, using our Change/Write-off Action. Then, re-apply the payment.  

  • To delete an invoice payment
    • Start from Matter Tab, and double-click on your matter
    • Select the Banking tab
    • Find and select your payment
    • Click Delete at the top