In CosmoLex, you have the ability to create and tag documents to specific categories such as pleadings, bills, responses, etc.

Note: The category list is customizable by going to Setup > List Items > Labels.

  • To organize your documents, you can tag them with a category label. To assign a label to a document, first, go to Matter Details or Activities > Documents tab > click on the matter folder > click on a subfolder > click on a document.
  • Click Properties.

  • In the Properties window, you will see at the bottom a section called Custom Labels.
  • Click "Add New Label"

  • When you click on this option, a drop-down menu will appear including the labels you have already created. To create a new label from here, select "Create New Label".

  • Select the label you wish to attach, and it will then display in the document properties window as shown below:

  • When done, Click SAVE.