Now in Cosmolex, you can upload multiple files into a matter folder regardless of which document app you're synced with such as Dropbox, Box, Cosmolex Native Storage, OneDrive and OneDrive For Business.

  • To do this, Go into Matter Details or Activities > Documents tab > click on the + symbol next to the matter folder you want to open > click on a folder > Click Add > Add File.

  • In the Add File window, click browse to choose the files you want to upload.

  • In open file window, click on a folder on the left-hand side and hold down Ctrl (PC users) or Command(for Mac users) on your keyboard and with your mouse, click on several files you want to upload into CosmoLex. 

  • When you have the files selected, click open.

  • In the Add File window, you will see the files you uploaded. When ready, click upload.

  • The files will then appear in the folder as shown below: