Casemaker is a legal research tool which many bar associations provide as a benefit to their members. With this integration, you can track your legal research time in-the-moment and have it posted to CosmoLex without ever having to leave your Casemaker account!

For assistance in setting up this integration, click HERE

Once Your integration is complete, you can then start to post time to CosmoLex directly from Casemaker

Tracking Your Time

Before you start your research on a case, you want to first select your matter to begin tracking time. 

You can do this 2 ways:

  • Click on the "Select Matter" link at the top of the application
  • Click on "CosmoLex Matters" tab on the left-hand side. Left-hand side. 

This will open up the CosmoLex Matters list within Casemaker. 

Here you can select the matter you wish to work on.

If this is a new matter not yet added, to add a new matter, click  "Add Matter on CosmoLex" to add the matter to this list (which will also display in CosmoLex) Be sure to refresh this list to see newly added items. 

  • Once the matter is located and selected, you can start the timer right from here, OR click "Continue" to have the matter selected for the application timer and be brought back to the main page.

  • Once on the main page, you will see the matter selected for the timer at the very top. 
  • Here you can play/pause or stop (reset) the timer as you are completing your research.

  • Once your research is complete and you would like to make an entry, click on the cloud icon (3rd option).

Here the matter will already be selected, and time spent as well as time billed is captured. 

Note that in this example,  my CosmoLex account is set to a timer unit of 10 minutes, so my time billed is already rounded for me. 

Complete task and description (tasks are pulled from list in CosmoLex)

Note there is no timekeeper or rate selection here. By default, entries are made for your default timekeeper and whatever rate was set for this matter. 

when ready click save. 

You are brought back to the Casemaker screen to continue other research and the entry will then automatically appear in CosmoLex.