CosmoLex provides 5 predefined user roles. This article will explain the permissions allowed for each one of these.

You can edit these permissions, or create your own customized roles. Read HERE for more info.


The administrator will always be the first or only user of the software. The administrator can create other administrators. This user can see and do everything that the software offers.

Billing Only

This user only has capabilities towards viewing matters. However, this user can manipulate time/ expense cards, and invoices.


This user has all the capabilities of an administrator, minus a few details. Normal users cannot reopen reconciliations. In addition, these users can only view setup options, and do not have access to the User Management section.

Read Only

This user only has the option to view everything in the program. Creating or editing cannot be done through this user.

Time/Expense Entry Only

This user only has the options to view matters and manipulate time/ expense cards.