CosmoLex provides a multitude of options for privacy and permissions

We provide a variety of standard roles and restrictions, which you can read more about roles and restrictions, which you can read more about HERE

To create a customized role, first, login as the CosmoLex Admin and go to the Account section.

  • Once there, click on the User Management tab on the left, then click role tab
  • Here will be listed all of the roles currently available. either system defined or a customized role.
  • To edit any of these roles, click Edit.
  • To create a new role, click Add

In the Add role screen, you need to first enter this new roles name and description:

If you wish to copy the permissions from another role (to save some time) use the copy permissions setting.

This will automatically add the permissions allowed for this copied role.

Below is the permissions screen:

  • Click the lock to the left of the setting you wish to allow view for that role.
  • Then check if add/edit, delete or other unique permissions are allowed.

Note: some permissions are dependent on others. These are explained when hovering over the tool tip icons (?)

Once you are satisfied with this role, click save.When adding/editing a user, this role will now be available.