CosmoLex Web Application
Release No: 1.2
Release Date: April 3, 2014


Email Invoices

?Using CosmoLex, you can now email Invoices to your clients. You can also email Invoices to multiple clients in one go- a big time saver for a lot of our users who batch-process their invoices. CosmoLex now has a section to setup email templates; you would also have an option to preview email and update content while sending the emails out.

Email Invoice Reminders

You can now also send invoice reminder emails to your clients. Similar to emailing invoices, you can send invoice reminders to multiple clients in one go. CosmoLex will help you filter invoices by Payment Due Date and Amount Due.

Icons for Matter Billing Method

The Matter landing page now displays icons to specify the Billing Method- Hourly (“H”), Fixed (“F”), or Contingency (“C”) for each matter. Each matter row has this indication to the extreme left.

Icon for Trust Bank Linkage

The Matter landing page will display on matter row a “T” icon next to the Billing Method icon if the matter is linked to a Trust bank.

Matter Balances at the top while viewing Matter Details

While you are viewing the Matter Details, the top right corner now displays the Unpaid, Unbilled, Operating Retainer, and Trust Retainer balances. These balances get refreshed on the fly if you add a Time/Expense card or create/pay invoices for a matter. You will always know your balances. No more going back to the Matter landing page.

Fixed and Contingency Fee as Unbilled Amount

For matters with Billing Method as Fixed Fee or Contingency Fee, the fee will be automatically displayed as the matter’s unbilled amount.

Print Invoice in Word format

In addition to printing your invoices in PDF format, you can now print them in Word format as well.

Search Bar Options to Filter by Date Range

The Search bar on Activities, Matter Details, and Bank Details screens now has additional options to search using date ranges: All Dates, Current Month, Current Year, Last Month, Last Year.

Remember Payee

You can now save Payee information on the fly while creating transactions. To add the Payee entered, check the “Remember Payee” box at the bottom of the screen. Once the transaction is saved, the Payee will get saved under Contact > Payee list.

Remember Me

The CosmoLex login page now has a “Remember Me” checkbox so that you do not have to enter your username next time when you log in. Note that your password will not be saved and you would always be required to enter your password.