Release No: 1.3
Release Date: April 19, 2014
Import HUD Ledger
CosmoLex users can now import real estate closing transaction ledger directly from the Easy HUD program.  Eliminates the need for double data entry of ledger card transactions and minimizes potential human errors.
Specify Invoice Template at Matter Level
CosmoLex now allows overriding the default invoice template by choosing a different invoice template at matter level. This could be done either while creating a new matter or by going to the matter landing page and clicking “Edit” for an existing matter.  You will now see an option under Advanced Settings to specify a unique template for the selected matter.
Mobile App: Time-Expense Card Deletion
In addition to creating and editing Time-Expense cards, users can now also delete Time-Expense cards using their mobile devices. 
Edit Email Subject Line
You can now edit the subject line text while emailing invoices and invoice reminders.
Improved User Experience
CosmoLex now displays a progress indicator while loading initial content.
Remember Me on Failed Login Page
This release fixes the issue with “Remember Me” checkbox when user login failed.
Grid Aesthetics in Firefox Browser
The last data row in certain grids was getting partially trimmed in Firefox browser. This issue has been fixed now.