Release No: 1.4
Release Date: May 13, 2014

Getting Started Wizard
CosmoLex application now assists new users in completing the setup items so that they can quickly complete setup and start working with the application in less than 60 seconds.

What’s New
New features made available in the application will now appear by clicking “What’s New” under the top right Question Mark Icon (Help icon). A message tip will also appear at the top of the screen when new features are released. This message will go away once it is closed and reappear on future release of new features.

 “Attorney” is now “Matter Owner”
CosmoLex application has been modified to rename “Attorney” as “Matter Owner” at all places. This is just to simplify the understanding of the field.

TimeKeeper Setup Simplification
The setup screen for TimeKeeper has been modified to simplify setting of multiple rate levels.

Unbillable Message for Fixed Fee & Contingency Matters
Time cards for Fixed Fee and Contingency matters are always unbillable. The screen will now display this prompt to avoid any confusion while creation of time card for Fixed Fee and Contingency matters.

New Theme for Popups
Popups in the application now have a new theme to display the content.

Selection with Touch Screen Computers
This release fixes item selection problems related touch screen computers.

Matter Totals with Zoom-in View
The matter totals under Matter Details were not visible while viewing browser in zoomed-in mode. This issue is fixed in the release.