Release No: 1.5
Release Date: June 4, 2014
Low Retainer Reminders
You can now send Low Retainer Reminder emails to one or more clients in one go. CosmoLex will help you filter low retainer reminders by Replenish amount.
Print Labels
CosmoLex now allows printing address labels for all clients or for specific clients while printing or emailing invoices.  These labels will print with Standard Avery 5160 template (3 column X 10 rows). This feature will take away a lot of manual effort required to print address labels prior to posting letters to clients.
Activity Audit Log
The “Activities” area has a new tab for “Recent Activities” that will keep track of all major actions performed within the application.
Save & New Button for Time-Expense Cards
If you are among those users who like to batch-create Time and Expense cards, the “Save and New” button will help you quickly add new Time and Expense cards.
Ability to add Time-Expense Cards from Activities
You can now add Time and Expense cards also from Activities > Time/Expense.
Bank Balance under Bank Details
The bank balance is now displayed also while viewing the details of the bank.
Spell Check
You can now perform spell check for the description fields while creating invoices and Time-Expense cards.
Default Setting (from Getting Started)
For new users, CosmoLex now automatically assigns the first Matter Owner, Timekeeper, and Operating Bank as the user’s default preferences.
Total Invoice Amount while Editing an Invoice
This release fixes the issue with total invoice amount not appearing sometimes while editing an existing invoice.
Safari Browser Compatibility
The administration site was not appearing clean in safari browser. That issue is resolved in this fix.