Release No: 1.7
Release Date: August 4, 2014
Contact Address Book
CosmoLex now provides a feature to manage non-client contacts within the application. A new section Contact > Address Book lists all your client and non-client contacts in one place.
Users can now also manage multiple parties for a contact to store contact info of multiple parties associated with one contact.
Client Conflict Check
CosmoLex now provides a comprehensive feature for running conflict checks. Users can run conflict checks by entering client or entity name by navigating to Action > Conflict Check > Run Check from the landing page.
As part of this feature, CosmoLex also provides a way (optional) to set relations of matters with other contacts. This way, your conflict check results will display the relationship and matter name for the matched record.
Apply one Payment to Multiple Matters of a Client
Users can now apply a single payment to invoices from multiple matters of the same client from the Activities > Invoices screen.
Flat Rate Time Cards for Hourly Matters
While adding time cards, if the Rate Type is selected as “Flat”; the amount value calculation will not take time spent into account and calculate the amount as a flat value.

TimeKeeper Rate Level Description
CosmoLex now allows creating custom descriptions for TimeKeeper Rate levels using Setup > List Items > Rate Level screen. This will help users view the rate description at the time of selecting the rate level during matter creation and also while adding time cards.
Invoice Formatting
The formatting tools available for the invoice templates have been enhanced so that they are easier to use and provide advanced options such as html editing.

Invoice Payment Screens
The invoice payment screens for all 3 types of payment methods are modified so that the flow for updating the “Applied Credit” amounts is smoother.

Icons & Styling
The styling for Add-Edit-Delete-Action-Details buttons and for the right-side buttons on landing page is changed to give a crispier look to the application.
Rate Level while Adding Time from Activities
When the Rate Level is configured from Matter > Edit screen to be a non-default value, the time card addition screen under Activities was still showing the default value. This release fixes that issue.