Release No: 1.6
Release Date: July 7, 2014
User Level Access Controls
CosmoLex now provides a very powerful feature to manage security, roles, and privileges of users. You can now configure the application to limit access of users to specific sections and also grant view-only access to some sections of the application.
Users can also be restricted to be able to work only on a specific set of Matter Owners and TimeKeepers.
Administrator users can assign default roles to their users or create new roles tailored specifically for their access needs.
This feature will help a lot of users who want to restrict specific areas (e.g. Banking, Reports, User Management) from some of the application users.
User Settings to Override Firm Settings
A firm’s users will now be able to override some of the default firm settings such as the default values for Matter Owner, Operating & Trust Banks, TimeKeeper, Check Print Offset setting, and many more.
User Management
The User Management section has now become a part of the application. So the administrator need not browse through a separate application to manage users.
Overhead Charges
CosmoLex now allows configuring an Overhead Charge that could be used as a % of Time Cards, Expense Cards, or both.  This configuration is available under Financial Settings, Matter Settings, and Invoice creation.
The feature will be very useful if your firm has a process of raising a fixed % charge based on Time or Expense cards in an invoice. 
This feature will allow users to create abbreviations for frequently used words so that they need not enter the full word or phrase and just enter the abbreviation in the description fields while adding Time Cards, Expense Cards, Matters, Invoices, Clients, and Payees. (e.g. “CH” for “Court Hearing”).
Highlighter that indicates Retainer is available to apply to Invoices
The Unpaid Balances under matter landing page and in the top corner under matter details are colored differently when retainer balances are available for that matter. This will serve as a friendly reminder that the retainers could be applied to the invoices.
Allow same Email Address for multiple clients
For convenience sake, CosmoLex now allows setting up same email address across multiple clients. This feature is useful when you are treating multiple contacts at the same client as two separate contacts within the application.
Editing Time/Expenses from Activities > Invoice
This release fixes the issue that was preventing editing time and expense cards while adding invoices from the Activities section.