Release No: 2.1
Release Date: October 7, 2014
Settings for Country Selection
CosmoLex now provides a feature for setting up the default Country at firm level under Setup > Firm Settings > Firm Information and also at the user level (Setup > My Settings > User Settings).

The Country and corresponding State lists will now appear while managing Address Book and Payee records. The Country value will also get displayed on Invoices and Address Labels.
Settings for Date Format
A new setting under Setup > My Settings > User Settings is introduced to allow firm users to select one of the four date formats: Month/Date/Year, Date/Month/Year, Year/Month/Date, Month name Date, Year.
The selected date format will apply to various screens and features including Time and Expense cards, Invoices, Transactions, Calendar, Checks, Reports, and Recent Activities.
Print Country on Invoices and Address Labels
CosmoLex users can now choose if they would like to print Country value for Invoices and Address Labels through a new setting “Print Country” under Setup > Firm Settings > Invoice Templates.
Print State Name or Abbreviation
CosmoLex users now have the flexibility of choosing the format (Full or Abbreviation) in which the State or Province value gets printed on Invoices, Checks, and Address Labels. A new setting “Print Full State/Province Name” is available under Setup > Firm Settings > Invoice Templates.
Refresh listing of Expenses
While adding multiple Expenses through “Save and New”, the underlying screen was not automatically refreshing to display the newly added Expense. This release fixes that issue.

Invite same user more than once to an Event
This release fixes the scenario where same user could be invited multiple times to an event.
Import Contacts exported from Google Contacts
This release fixes issues that caused problems while importing Google contacts.