Release No: 2.2
Release Date: October 31, 2014
Subscription and Billing Infrastructure
The release was mainly focused on upgrading the billing infrastructure used by CosmoLex. This has no impact on the existing features and subscription costs.
Account administrators will now have access to self-service billing portal to update payment information.
Delete Users from User Management
CosmoLex users with administrative access can now delete users directly from the User Management section of the application.
Registration and Getting Started
Some UI and backend validation changes have been made to the registration process and Getting Started wizard to further simplify them.
Invoice Cover Page
This release fixes the problem that was preventing the invoice cover page from getting printed.

Default Country for Payees
While adding a new payee, the default country was not getting pre-filled. This issue was fixed as part of this release.

Saving Payee
For data that was imported from desktop version, saving payee was presenting some problems. This issue was fixed as part of this release.