Release No: 2.3
Release Date: December 13, 2014
Document Management
CosmoLex now provides a feature for document storage and management using Dropbox. This feature can be enabled via Setup > Firm Settings > Apps section of the application. Access to documents for individual users can be managed through role setting under User Management section.
Documents uploaded for matters will be accessible through the “Documents” tab under
Activities and Matter Details.
Work Flow
CosmoLex users can now create multiple tasks in one go by using the Work Flow feature. Users can configure repetitive tasks in a specific sequence under Setup > List Items > Work Flow.
The configured work flows could be applied through Matter Details > Task section using the option “Add Task using Work Flow”. Based on the begin date specified, new tasks will get added in the order of precedence defined in the Work Flow.

Matter Notes
CosmoLex users can now create and maintain matter-specific discussions and notes through the “Notes” tab under Activities and Matter Details.
Users can manage several notes related to a matter and mark them in different colors for ease of reference.

New Invoice Templates
New invoice formats have been introduced for more flexibility during invoice printing.
Popups for Apps
Popups for authenticating external applications have been removed for a simpler user experience.

Sort and Filtering for Shorthand List
This release fixes the issue related to sorting and filtering of shorthand list items.
Time-Expense Card screen in IE
Time and Expense card screens were not closing upon “Save” in IE browser. That issue has been fixed in this release.
Low Retainer Reminders
This release fixes the issue with Low Retainer Reminder messages not going out in certain scenarios.

Issue with Invoice Display
A sporadic issue of invoice not appearing while applying invoice payment has been resolved in this release.