Release No: 2.4
Release Date: February 6, 2015
CosmoLex introduces a Dashboard to help you take your practice to newer levels!
The Firm Dashboard shows you the key statistics you care for: Unbilled Time-Expense Cards, Unpaid & Overdue Invoices, Unbilled Events-Tasks-Notes, Matter Balances, TimeKeeper Utilization, Billing Summary, and Top 5 Clients. Also displays a powerful “Money Finder” widget to identify all the Notes, Events, and Tasks that are Billable but not yet Billed. You'll never miss billing your clients!
The Me Dashboard lists upcoming events and tasks and also displays user-centric data for Unbilled and Unpaid Items, Money Finder, and TimeKeeper Utilization.
Defaults are configured such that only the Firm admin has access to the Firm Dashboard while existing users with Normal role will have access to the Me Dashboard. Firm admin can modify their access via a new setting “Restrict Dashboard Visibility” under User Management > User > Edit.
Box Integration
CosmoLex now provides document integration with Box. This integration can be enabled via Setup > Firm Settings > Apps section of the application.
The default document management app (Box or Dropbox) can be configured through Setup > Firm Settings > Firm Preferences.

Help Videos
Users can now refer to contextual help videos for screens and features that have a Play icon next to the Help icon.
Post to Matter
If you are making direct disbursements from the operating bank account, you can post it to a matter automatically by creating a linked Expense Card. While creating a new disbursement transaction (Check or Wire/ACH-Out), click on "Save and Post To Matter". It will create a linked Expense card. You will still maintain flexibility of changing the amount and other details.
PDF Viewer for Documents and Invoices
CosmoLex users can now view PDF documents from the Documents tab and Invoices within the browser without having to download them.
Drag-and-Drop Files
While adding new files under the Documents tab, users can now drag-and-drop files from their desktop to the “Add File” dialog box. 
File Icons for Common Extensions
The Documents tab now displays icons for commonly used file extensions such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and many more. It just makes it easier to identify your files within the folder.

Conflict Check Relations
For consistency sake, the Related Parties screen has been moved from Matter Landing > Action > Conflict Check > Set Relations to a new tab under Matter Details. This has no impact on functionality.
Timer Lapse
This release fixes the issue related to Time Card timer lagging behind a few seconds after about 10 minutes.
Google Sync Issue
Google Calendar sync was presenting problems if sync was turned ON-OFF multiple times. That issue has been fixed in this release.