CosmoLex has a CAP (CosmoLex Accounting Partners) Program in which your independent accountant can gain free access to your program to assist with your accounting needs. 

NOTE: Each CosmoLex subscription is limited to one free partner account.

To obtain a free license for your accountant, follow these steps:

  • Your accountant must first submit a request to become a CAP by emailing
  • If your accountant qualifies for the CAP program, you (the admin) can add your accountant as a user on your subscription, using the same email address they signed up with (this is the key to being able to add this user for free). You can ignore any messaging regarding account charges if using the proper email.

For steps on how to add a user, take a look at this article.

  • When adding this additional user, you can set any roles/permissions you wish your accountant to have (Ex: Can only access Banks, Chart of Accounts, Journal Entries and Reports)

For steps on how to add/edit a user role, take a look at  this article.

For Current CosmoLex Accounting Partners (CAP)

  • If you wish to supply accounting assistance to more than one CosmoLex customer, be sure to edit your username to be unique. That will allow you to be added as a user on multiple accounts. 
  • If you do not have access to the User Management section of the program, request that your client edit your CosmoLex Username.

NOTE:  IF you already have an user added to the account, have the firm administrator delete your username and then re-invite you.