When you receive a statement from a vendor for expenses that are to be applied to multiple matters, as well as operating costs, the following process should be used.  This only applies to costs from the operating bank account.  Please note, this requires writing a manual check; have the check pulled from the print stack and use its number.


For Matter Expenses:

  1. Go to Activities > Time and Expense > Add Expense > Hard Cost.
  2. Complete the fields, as required, including the Matter information.
  3. Uncheck “To be Printed” and use the check number, as mentioned above.  
  4. Click “Save and New” and enter the hard cost for the next matter, using the process above. (and same check #)


For Operating Costs (general office expenses):

  1. Go to Accounting > Select Operating Bank > Details > Transactions > Add > choose payment
  2. Complete the fields, including appropriate “Account”
  3. Uncheck “To be Printed” and use the check number, as mentioned above.  


Example:  You receive a bill from FedEx for $210.  $55 is for Matter A; $55 for Matter B; $40 for Matter C; and $60 for general office expenses.  Using the instructions above, you pull check # 21025 for your Operating Bank to enter manually and proceed to enter the matter expenses.  On the Expense Card, the Account used is pre-selected based upon the firm settings, posting each Expense Card to check # 21025. Then using the instructions above you post $60 to “6500 Postage and Delivery” using check #21025.  You write the check to FedEx for the full amount of $210.


Tip for Bank Reconciliation:

By using the above method, all checks with the same number will be grouped together on the reconciliation screen. (If they are not, sort by check number by clicking “Reference #” at the top of the table.  Be sure to clear all checks with the same number.