I’ve created an expense card but I forgot to link the actual transaction (Paid by Bank or Credit Card) to the matter. What do I do?

You can only link to an expense if the client has not been invoiced OR has been invoiced but invoice is not paid.

If the invoice is already paid, you can link if Invoice is paid and you can delete the payment applied to the invoice.

Follow the steps below to link the transaction to corresponding expense card, then reapply the payment.

To Link Existing Expense:

  • Go to Accounting tab
  • Choose Bank tab.
  • Choose the correct Bank or Credit Card account
  • Go to details > under Transaction > Click Add > choose payment
  • Enter all details. Important: the amount must be an exact match to existing expense card.
  • Select “Post as matter expense”.
  • Choose button for existing expense card
  • Enter Matter name.
  • Choose expense card from Select Dropdown and Save.